Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Child embraced by woman at the church bell

Sunday worship at 10am + 4622 South Lamar Blvd + Austin + 78745

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Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service at 2pm

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 2pm

Please join us for Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 2pm.

2023 Fall Folly

Fall Folly


Join us for our Fall Folly Fundraiser on November 18th from 10am until 2pm

Adult Sunday Forum 11:15 AM


Adult Sunday Forum meets at 11:15 AM in the Fellowship Hall.

We worship at 10 AM. We thank our neighboring congregation St. John/San Juan Lutheran Church for sharing Pastor Dorothy with us through last year (2022).

Visit: 4622 South Lamar Blvd, Austin TX 78745 | Phone: 512-892-0516

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