We are located…

Street map of area around our church

in SOUTH Austin for over 50 years.
on the NORTH side of Highway 290,
WEST of Westgate Boulevard,
EAST of Eden…
surrounded by God’s beautiful creation, between weird and wonderful.

New to Austin?

Austin skyline with Lady Bird Lake in foreground

Welcome to one of the most wonderful cities! Austin is an eclectic place, home of the Texas state capitol, several universities (including the University of Texas), high-tech industry, live music and a whole host of creative folks. It is a weird, busy, and beautiful place. Holy Cross is located in a little triangle in southwest Austin, formed by Highway 290 (S. Lamar), MoPac, and Highway 360. We share this triangle with a few businesses, shops, the Barton View neighborhood, but mostly the greenbelt space of the Edwards Aquifer and Violet Crown Trail. Just across the highway from Holy Cross is the Toney Burger Center (AISD football field) ;and Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market.

We are very close to CapMetro Bus Route #5 (southbound) #5449 stop betweeen Westgate Blvd and Brodie Lane. 

New to the Lutheran “dialect”? 

Luther seal with the words Word, Alone, Faith, Alone, Grace, Alone

You already know God at work in your life. You may be searching for the words or you may be a fluent speaker of a religious language. Within the Christian language system of speaking words about God, there are many “dialects” or denominations. Lutherans have been around about 500 years…beginning with the reforming work of Martin Luther, but not ending there.

Luther was a faithful monk and Roman Catholic priest and professor, when he called for dialog to reform the church. The more he studied the bible, the more it revealed God’s grace for all creation…people don’t have to acquire, perform or work to receive God’s love, because it has already been gifted to us through Christ. Luther believed all people were both sinners and saints, and all loved by God, evident in the cross of Christ. Luther valued the access all people to the Word of God revealed in the bible, not limited by language or vocation. His own marriage to Katherina von Bora, redefined marriage. He wrote volumes about the bible, theology, and culture. As much as modern Lutherans value the work of Luther, it is not his word we follow…it is God’s Word, revealed in Christ and witnessed through the Bible. (Luther actually wrote some stuff we don’t agree with!) 

When Lutherans first came to the United States, many were immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia. However, American Lutherans today are a diverse bunch…sharing God’s promise of grace. Lutherans worship in many languages, eat all sorts of food (beyond Jello!), and make music with many voices and instruments. Some even don’t drink coffee. Read more about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America…

New to Holy Cross?

If you were to visit Holy Cross, you will meet theatre designers, Air Force veterans, teachers, lawyers, authors, kindergartners, unemployed folks, social workers, engineers, retirees, parents, singles, partnered, and more. It is a diverse bunch of caring folks. We don’t really fixate on what you do, how much you make, or who you love, but that you feel seen, known and loved. 

On any given Sunday, we worship with 20-30 folks of all ages. We sing a variety of liturgy and music, primarily from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship collection. Wear whatever makes you comfortable…some will be in shorts, some dresses, and occasionally there may be a necktie. Children of all ages are welcome in worship, but there is a nursery if needed. 

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